• Gondar
    The African Camelot.
  • The Blue Nile Falls
    Spectacular Waterfall.
    የማያረጅ ውበት የማያልቅ ቁንጅና
  • Unique Special Christmas celebration at Lalibela!
  • Erta Ale
    One of the most important active volcano in the world.
  • Debre Damo monastery
    magnificent in terms of its location and extensive collection of priceless manuscripts.
    It is only accessible by climbing up by a rope.
  • Lower Omo Valley
    Cultural melting pot!!!
  • Rock-hewn church Lalibela
    Eighth wonders of the world!!!
  • Sof Omar cave system
    One of the most spectacular and extensive underground caverns in the world.
  • TIMKET - The Feast of Epiphany:
    The most colorful vibrant three days festival outside home .

Lower Omo valley. Cultural melting pot

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Historical Attractions

  • AXUM:
    AXUM: Aksum is perhaps most famous and well known by the mysterious stelaes. It is also…

Natural beauty!!!

    LAKE TANA: Lake Tana, the largest lake in Ethiopia is the source and from where the famed…

Festival Attraction